60v 30a chargrs







lifepo4 battery charger 20s 60v 30a current fast charging smart charger 

 Specifications and parameters :

  1.   Number of Batteries Rechargeable : 20s
  2.  charging voltage and precision :73v± 0.3v
  3.   Rechargeable Battery Type : LiFePO4 ( lithium iron phosphate battery )
  4.   Charge current range : 30a MAX
  5.  Input voltage range : 220v (170-240v)
  6.   The maximum charging power : 
  7.  Charger Size (cm):  
  8.  Weight: 
  9.  Cooling: Fan forced cooling


  1.   short circuit protection.
  2.   Over-current , over- voltage protection.
  3.   Output current automatic adjustment feature.
  4.   input and output lines with ease of use .
  5.   source indicator , charging indicator , charging a glance.
  6. Indicator definition:

                    Green light : Power has been into 220v.
                    Red light : Charging
                    Green light : Charging ok
Use steps:
 The first step : Make sure the charger and battery type string number is correct !
               The charger can charge four strings of lithium iron phosphate group .
 Step two : Make sure the battery charger output polarity and polarity match !
               Charger output plug L = N = positive electrode and the negative electrode and the positive electrode and negative Claim your battery is inserted before the corresponding !
 The third step : start charging
               The output and input plug plug plug , ( Turn input power green light ) charging starts ( charging red light )
 Step Four : Charge end
               Waiting for the green light for the end of charge. Note that some protection board with equalization when you battery capacity relatively large difference when your charger green light only shows the internal battery pack with one or just a few of the battery pack is charged to the cut-off voltage protection board set our company is 3.65v on deadline . So do not unplug the charger on a bright green light , it should wait for more than 1-2 hours and then unplug the charger , so fully balanced voltage protection board .

  1.   charger after use , remove the battery and turn off the input power , not long-term use, store in a dry and ventilated environment .
  2.    To ensure safety, please be in line of sight while charging. To leave the batteries should be removed to avoid unpredictable danger.
  3.   Do not combine different types, different capacities , different manufacturers of batteries.
  4.    Charging time away from combustibles , special attention battery temperature , if the temperature is high, such as hot , immediately disconnect the power to stop charging .
  5.    Do not use wire or other conductive objects fall into the charger. Consequences conceited.
  6.  z If battery leakage occurs , up drums, skin shedding, color change or other abnormal deformation , do not charge it.
  7.    Do not try to charge non-rechargeable batteries .
  8.    Do not exceed the maximum limit rechargeable battery specified by the manufacturer .
  9.    Do not modify or disassemble the charger. Turn on the machine and means that you give up all rights to warranty and technical advice .
  10.   Keep the charger placed outside the reach of children or pets .
Packaging & Shipping

Package: 50pcs per carton.

Delivery time:2~10 working days,Bulk pls contact me.

Weight: 10kg

Size: 40*30*22.5CM   

Ship way: DHL,UPS,TNT,FEDEX,SF express or by Sea.

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