12S 36V BMS for lifepo4 battery packs
others BMS can supply
Delivery time :2~5days
Warrant:1 year

                                    12S 36v BMS for lifepo4 battery packs


1.Specification: 100*and 60*20 mm
2.Weight: 0.18 kg (kg)
3.Over charging protection: (3.65 V)
4.Over discharge protection: (2.5 V)
5.Sustained current (30 a) 
6.suitable for 500-800 w motor
7.Over current protection: (a) of 60
8.Optional features protection: (75 degrees)
9.Charge equalization: (100 ma)
10.Low power consumption, less than 50 ua.
11.Small internal resistance, less than 8 mmCharging and discharging mouth

 12.type: with my mouthCharging
13.input rated voltage: 58.4


Normal working current lasted some 40 a (customizable) need more current such as 80 a or 100 a, please contact the store, we are modular design, can replace high power at the bottom of the main board.

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