18650 battery welder Portable precision spot welder department USES double double flow spot welding machine
For battery model:18650,26650
Cheap,A grade
Easy to carry
lettle current,Safe

 Portable precision spot welder department USES double double flow spot welding machine

First, the working principle

Portable precision spot welding system using the principle of double- sided welding points over current , pressing the two

electrodes while working two metal workpieces make a certain contact resistance under pressure from two electrodes , one electrode

and the welding current from flowing when two other electrode contact resistance formed an instant hot spot welding, and welding

current moment from the other electrode along the workpiece flow So far two electrodes to form a loop , the internal structure does

not hurt to be a welder parts .
Second, characteristics:
The machine is on -top double- bit AC pulse welding , has the following features:
1 , lightweight appearance .
2 , welding marks beautiful, small spark, no black ( battery does not appear the phenomenon of depression, due to the flow of

liquid spot ) , lithium batteries spot completely overcome the phenomenon of low pressure and water after your ideal equipment for

production and assembly of the battery .
3 , the discharge control circuit SCR pulse program control circuits and digital circuits . Set the parameters are digital , so

intuitive and accurate parameter adjustment .
4, the pressure solder pin and two-pin distance can be adjusted independently , and easy to adjust , to ensure stable and reliable

welding pressure .
5 , welding is the only switch photoelectric switch used .
6 , the unique fault test function, you can self- diagnose overhaul.
Third, the scope
1 , various types of rechargeable batteries and nickel- piece connector 0.03mm-0.2mm 2 , stainless steel cutlery peripheral

accessories combine 4 buckle welding
Fourth, the main technical parameters
1 , input power : AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 2Hz
2 , rated power : 3KVA
3, the welding current :0 -40
4 , the electrode stroke : 20mm
5 , control: double pulse
6 , Package weight : about 6KG
7 , Dimension : L260 × W160 × H200 (mm)
8 Suitable for: for 0.03mm-0.2mm nickel plate or steel or nickel belt
Safe use and maintenance
1 grounded welding machine .
2 two electrodes can not be short-circuited.
3 When the test welding, energy should be steeled .
4 Plug the power cord should ensure welder POWER in the off state.
5 Keep the electrodes clean.
6 unplug when not long .
7 electrode can not be put together before the boot

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